QRS 2019 Keynote Speech 3

How to Achieve Global Happiness


Dr. Solomon Passy is working on this theme since 2007. He will provide theoretical solution how to overcome deficiencies and paradoxes of electoral democracy via computerized model simulation. In other words, how to achieve global happiness via i-Democracy, where “i-“ is for “informed”.


Dr. Solomon Passy avatar
Dr. Solomon Passy Bulgaria

Atlantic Club of Bulgaria, Bulgaria

Solomon Passy holds a PhD in Mathematical Logic & Computer Sciences with publications in leading world ICT journals. Today Solomon is a frequent commentator on international affairs, defence and security, and innovations for national and world media. Dr. Passy was Bulgarian Foreign Minister (2001-2005), and is the Founder & President of the Atlantic Club of Bulgaria – the unique NGO ever operating on Warsaw Pact territory vocally advocating its dissolution, and the accession of New Europe to NATO and EU. In 2008-2014 Solomon and Gergana Passy (Bulgarian EU Minister 2007-2009), led the Bulgarian team which spearheaded the EU legislation, standardizing the GSM mobile chargers to a USB format on the entire EU territory. This new EU policy saves dozens of millions of tones of CO2 emissions and electronic waste on an annual base and the USB plugs are available today even on the airplanes. Currently the Passys promote global access to Wi-Fi as a universal human right and have a start-up group developing mobile applications and innovations.